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Why Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Swimming in your pool is a great luxury that is enjoyed throughout the USA. However, you probably want to know more about how to keep your pool clean and well serviced, which is why you’re here. Reading about your options for pool cleaning equipment comes with weighing up the pros and cons of which option suits you best. This guide, along with How to Choose a Robotic Pool Cleaner, will help you take some of the decision-making out of the equation.

Advantages of robotic pool cleaners

High End Filtration

Our robotic pool cleaners have an excellent filtration systems that can pick up anything from debris to small leaves and stones. One reviewer even shared that her Aiper Robotic Pool cleaner picked up some chewing gum from the bottom of her pool – ideal after a pool party!

A Truly Deep Clean

Robotic pool cleaners are great for helping keep your pool looking great, as many include features such as scrubbing brushes, which can clean away algae and other sediments at the bottom of the pool. Some models are even made to climb walls, cleaning the water line to keep your pool looking pristine.

Ease of Use

They are very straightforward to use. All you have to do is plug in, charge and then use. Many  models even have self-parking technology that will go to the side of the pool when the battery is low or when the cleaning has finished. These tools bring plug and play technology to the pool cleaning world.

Safety First

The cordless models of robotic pool cleaners are safer and designed to prevent anyone, including your kids, from tripping over the cords. Cordless models keep your pool deck free of entanglements. On top of being a safer solution, it keeps your backyard looking clutter free as well. No more big blue hoses hanging on your fence!

Easy to Maintain

The AIPER family of robotic pool cleaners has its own filtration system, which is easy enough to remove and clean with a hose and pool water by the side of the pool. This efficiency of cleaning both the pool and then the machine adds to the benefits of this pool cleaning method. They also have a storage area where dirt, stones, leaves and other small objects collect from the pool and then emptied after swimming pool cleaning is complete.

There’s One Made Just for You

The robotic cleaners also range in size and purpose, so you can choose the right one for the size of your pool. Aiper makes it easy with our selection tool, here.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The advanced technology for a robotic cleaner includes navigation, which allows the machine to chart its way around the pool sometimes climbing the walls and cleaning the pool surface line. Depending on the model you choose, also possible are programmable pre-set modes allowing for different cleaning lengths and types, such as ‘wall only’ and ‘floor only’.

If you’re prepared to invest in a higher level of function and luxury, the Aiper 3000 includes a remote control meaning that you can clean your pool from a distance. This video shows how you can use this machine.


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