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Aiper is the leading global creator of eco-friendly, cordless robotic pool cleaners – on a mission to create a carefree lifestyle through technology and innovation.

Aiper seamlessly blends its focus on research and development with an overall mission to create a carefree lifestyle for its customers. Every Aiper product is the result of countless hours of work to ensure it fits a specific need in the pool cleaning space – in a way that will reduce the amount of time, labor and money associated with pool maintenance.

Aiper designs and creates a range of revolutionary smart robotic pool cleaners and associated pool cleaning products that makes customers’ lives easier when cleaning their pools.

Aiper has been developing advanced robotic pool cleaners since 2017, and has served tens of thousands of customers worldwide in that time. Unlike other products on the market, each Aiper product is guaranteed to minimize the time spent laboring over pool maintenance, and ensure more time can be spent enjoying life with friends and family by the pool. The Aiper Seagull Series is the latest expression of that goal, and is pushing the envelope of what is possible around set-and-forget robotic pool cleaners.

Aiper sells the world’s best robotic pool cleaners – all at affordable prices while guaranteeing the best quality clean. No subscriptions, no hidden fees, no hassle. Just quality products that give customers back the time they lose to cleaning, and grant them peace of mind. Together with our global network of trusted retail partners, we’ve been able to deliver Aiper’s cutting edge products to tens of thousands of pool owners around the world.

Aiper is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Back when Aiper was founded in 2017, smart tech was confined to the living room. It was never something you would risk putting outdoors, and certainly nothing you would ever dream of putting in your pool. The Aiper team saw this as a huge opportunity. We saw how smart robotics could unlock the next evolution in quality of life – paving the way for a home lifestyle that feels like a personal getaway, every day.

Enter Aiper’s signature line of products – the world’s best cordless robotic pool cleaners. From the Seagull Series to the Elite Pro, these revolutionary smart robots have brought vacation home for countless pool owners.

It’s “ AI+PER”  AI means Artificial Intelligence, PER means people, you and me. We create a carefree lifestyle for our customers and people across the world through technology and innovation.

Aiper’s audience is specifically pool owners who want to reduce the amount of time spent cleaning, and maximize the amount of time spent enjoying life. Its products are suited for anyone looking for a high tech solution for a more carefree lifestyle, or are looking to bring the same carefree relaxation of a resort pool to their home.

Aiper products are available across North America, Europe and the Pacific region.

One of the biggest challenges is convincing people just how far we’ve managed to push pool cleaning technology, and just how accessible it is. Pool cleaning is still associated with manual labor, or clunky wired devices that do a poor job of cleaning even under ideal conditions. Aiper and the Seagull Series seek to change that, removing the dread and drudgery from pool cleaning forever with high quality devices that demonstrate just how easy pool cleaning can be.

Products like Aiper’s help those with pools save up to 14,000 liters of water per year. While it can seem like an obvious choice to make, an important part of our line of pool cleaners is making it even easier for pool owners to make a conscious choice to opt for environmentally friendly devices without sacrificing on cleaning quality. As homeowners or even property managers, the right choice of pool cleaner can save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water over a lifetime.

As with many tech and smart devices companies, Aiper products are manufactured in China. We are also planning to open another manufacturing base in South Asia in the near future.

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