4 Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Pool Walls Spotless


You make tireless efforts to keep your above ground pool water crystal clean, so the last thing you want is for your vinyl pool walls to look stained. While with age it may become tough to control, there is preventative maintenance you can do to prolong the beautiful look of your pool. Most of these […]

Three Great Themed Pool Parties for Kids


There’s almost nothing about summer that’s better than the weekend pool party. Your backyard can become a wonderland for friends and family, and most importantly, their kids. While you can just invite a bunch of people over for hot dogs and an afternoon of swimming, why not turn it into a themed festival that will […]

Great New Pool Toys & Accessories for 2022

Great New Pool

Isn’t technology great? Over the years, manufacturing techniques have allowed us to make so many more new toys for our pools that are affordable, and last longer. They range from pure visual effects, to transforming your pool into a playground for adults and kids alike. Sure, floating around on an inner tube is still a […]

Pool Cleaning 101


No matter what type of pool you have, you need to know how to clean your pool to prevent cloudiness and pollution and prevent your pool from becoming an unswimmable mess. Below, we’ll detail the basics of how to clean your pool and keep it looking beautiful all year round. You’ll need to pick up […]

How To Clean A Pool With Algae?


How To Clean A Pool With Algae? There are few things as fun as jumping into a pool on a sunny day. But danger could lurk in your pool, keeping you away from that refreshing splash you’ve been itching for. If your pool looks green, you may have an algae buildup and will need to […]

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