Are robotic pool cleaners worth the money?

You always wanted a pool in your house and now you have it! You are enjoying all the positive perks of this joyous luxury and it is everything that you wanted. What you did not want though are the cleanliness duties that come with owning a pool.

We know that cleaning and maintaining a pool can be hectic so you need the most convenient way out of this façade. During your search for the best pool vacuum you stumble upon robotic pool cleaners and with all the convenience and features that they claim to offer, you start wondering, Are robotic pool cleaners worth the money?

Let us answer it this way. If your pool cleaning robot has all the qualities listed below, it is worth every of yours.

H2: It is free from the Cord hassle

Wire cords are nothing but a safety hazard. We have all either tripped over them ourselves or have experienced someone tripping over them near the swimming pool. Beyond that, not only does the long ugly cord ruin the aesthetics of your pool it also makes it unswimmable while it is cleaning the pool.

If you are investing in a Robotic pool cleaner it should not come with the heavy weight of cord and solve all the problems listed above for it to be worth it.

H2: High-End Filtration

If you are upgrading from your basic everyday pool cleaner to a high-tech and advanced robotic pool cleaner it should be good at the actual cleaning part.  Make sure that the robot pool cleaner you invest in has an excellent filtration system that can pick up anything from debris to small leaves and stones. If it does not have that, definitely not worth it.

H2: Has mechanical features that clean

There are tons of garbage products out there that promise a lot but deliver nothing. Some of these products are selling themselves with a “Robotic” title but do not come with basic cleaning mechanics. Make sure the robotic pool cleaner you purchase comes with features such as scrubbing brushes, which can clean away algae and other sediments at the bottom of the pool. It should have a mechanism that cleans walls and not just water.

Remember I pool cleaner needs to clean the entire pool and not just gather floating leaves.

H2: Should be easy to use

You do not want to spend on something that you cannot understand. Your Robot pool cleaner should be easy to use with a simple plug-in and charge mechanism. If you require expert geeky knowledge to operate your robotic pool cleaner, it is not worth it.

H2: Should be Easy to Maintain

Maintaining pool cleaners is a hefty task on its own and you do not want to replace one hassle of cleaning the pool with another hassle of maintaining a pool cleaner. If your robotic pool cleaner has a filtration system, which is easy enough to remove and clean with a hose and water, only then it is worth your money. In addition to this, your pool cleaner should also have a storage area where dirt, stones, leaves, and other small objects collect from the pool which can be cleaned off easily.

H2: Incorporation of AI

You are buying new technology so make sure that it is up to date with the max it can offer. Your robotic cleaner should be able to navigate around the pool using the latest navigation technology which allows the machine to chart its way around the pool. Make sure your Robotic cleaner offers you customizable settings which you can use to clean one area of the pool in particular according to your needs, such as wall only’ and ‘floor only’.

H2: Steering technology and robustness 

Keep in mind that you are not investing in a first-generation robotic pool cleaner so don’t settle for something basic and ordinary. Limited maneuverability, random routes, and stubborn algae build-up should not be attributes that you find acceptable for such technology. Check that your robotic pool cleaner comes with technology (Aiper triple-axis drive motor and Auto-swerve Technology) that enables it to avoid random routes and thorough cleaning of walls and wider range.

H2: Fast charging and battery timing

You don’t want to invest in something that drains its battery within the first 10 to 15 minutes of cleaning. You also don’t want to invest in something that takes forever to charge as it is just not worth it. Invest in a pool cleaner that offers fast charging and has a battery life of at least 90 minutes up to 120 minutes.

H2: Where would I find such a perfect a robot pool cleaner

At this point, you are wondering “Does such a robotic pool cleaner even exist?”

Let us help you end your search right here with Aiper Robotic Pool Cleaners. The Aiper pool cleaners come with all the above-mentioned features and more. Both the variants of Aiper Robotics pool cleaners i.e. Aiper Elite Pro and Aiper Seagull SE check all the following Boxes:

  • Cordless design ✅
  • High-end filtration system ✅
  • Equipped with brushes and the latest cleaning mechanism ✅
  • Easy to use ✅
  • Easy to maintain ✅
  • AI-backed navigation technology ✅
  • Customizable settings ✅
  • Steering Technology ✅
  • Intelligent Route Navigation ✅
  • Fast charging ✅
  • Battery life of 120 and 90 minutes respectively ✅.

Aiper Elite Pro and Aiper Seagull SE are packed with all the elite pool cleaning features and are your perfect pool maintenance partners.  If you want to be sure that you got your money’s worth with your Robotic pool cleaner, Aiper Robotic pool cleaner is the way to go.


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