Keeping Your Skimmer Box Debris Free


Keeping your skimmer box clean goes a long way towards not only the overall look of your pool, but also the long term health of your pool equipment. Read on for specifics on how to keep your skimmer box debris free. What is a skimmer box? Your skimmer box is a square or rectangular opening […]

6 Top Pool Cleaning Tips


It’s becoming less of a luxury and more commonplace to see swimming pools as part of the garden landscape. However, this pleasurable asset also comes with a great deal of maintenance if you want to keep your pool in good condition for many years. Following are 6 top tips to help keep your swimming pool in […]

How to Prevent Algae in Your Swimming Pool

hotel pool

Owning a pool is a wonderful experience, but it does require a fair bit of maintenance. With the blazing summer heat and increasing humidity levels, one potential problem is just around the corner: algae. While algae blooms don’t have to be dangerous, they can be unsightly and leave your pool looking less than appealing. Fortunately, […]

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Kids

kids in the pool

As we round the corner into the warmest months of the year, swimming is on the to-do list for every child and most families. While fun and refreshing, swimming can result in significant injuries for children if safety isn’t a high priority. Drowning is the second leading cause of death in children ages 1-4 and 10-14. More […]

Why Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner


Swimming in your pool is a great luxury that is enjoyed throughout the USA. However, you probably want to know more about how to keep your pool clean and well serviced, which is why you’re here. Reading about your options for pool cleaning equipment comes with weighing up the pros and cons of which option […]

What are Proper Pool Chemistry Levels?


There are four major elements to consider when dealing with proper pool chemistry. First and foremost, it’s important to note that this balance of measurements is very important for keeping your pool clean, happy, and healthy. The 4 we will discuss here are: Chlorine pH Total Alkalinity (TA) Calcium Hardness Before we get into the […]

10 Best Pool Accessories for Adults


The pool, in some ways, is iconic, and culturally it holds a special place in various civilizations and played host to many important moments in our personal lives. Pools are cool, refreshing, and relaxing, and they heal us – simply, we all love our pools. As time passes, though, we enjoy our pools less and […]

How to Earn and Redeem Aiper Coupons?


Automatic pool cleaners are replacing people’s traditional cleaning tools every week. However, most automatic pool cleaners are still pretty expensive. Here, we’ll tell you how to earn and redeem discounts for Aiper robotic pool cleaners so you can start enjoying your pool, not cleaning it.   [To get an Aiper coupon] 1. Join Aiper’s loyalty program […]

Here’s the Dirt on Pool Cleaning Technology


Any pool owner will tell you the biggest drawback of owning a pool is keeping it clean. Thankfully, the tech industry is also the solution industry and has several products that will reduce or eliminate your need to be the “pool guy.” Let’s look at what’s currently available in robotic pool cleaning technology. The ‘pool […]

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